Analyze. Predict. Evolve.

Time to stop living in the Stone Age. Evolve your business with Artificial Intelligence.

AIVOLUTION supports digital transformation and improve business process performance through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Digital Marketing custom solutions. Each project is supervised by academic researchers and professors to identify the best choice for business evolution.

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Stop waiting, be a market-leading business

Analyze the present

Learn strategic information from Big Data with our Data Science and Big Data Analytics techniques

Predict the future

Predict how your business evolves through our AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms

Act in advance

Define custom strategies with our Digital Marketing experts and monitor your KPIs.

Our AI modules

R & D

We design our systems making use of cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms

Customized modules

We customize our AI modules for your business to achieve top performance

Easy integration

We integrate our solutions into your existing systems with minimal effort

Reach your goal in 3 months

Let your business grow in just 3 months supported by AIVOLUTION

Continuous monitoring

Get total control over AI modules with our continuous performance monitoring


Take strategic business decision in advance thanks to Continual Learning and AIVOLUTION support

Let your business grow in 3 months

Increase your revenue with our AI-Driven Marketing

Customer Segmentation

Discover customer interests and needs and identify key customers for your business

Customer Behavior Prediction

Predict churn-risk customers and what influences their behavior

AI-driven Marketing

Prevent customer churn and acquire new customers with targeted AI-driven marketing strategies

AIVOLUTION, customized AI solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we actually work with AI, we don’t just use it as a buzzword. We guide you in expanding your business and taking advantage of your business data. We support you throughout the whole innovation process: we take a close look with you at the current situation, design solutions tailored to your business analyzing their impact in advance, seamlessly integrate our AI modules into your existing systems and continuously monitor their performance to always guarantee the best value for your business.
Of course. Our AI solutions integrate perfectly with your existing systems. Our solutions are tailored to your business requirements, so that you can benefit from them without changing the way you work. You can always rely on our support to find the solution that fits your needs.
They are techniques, methodologies, and algorithms to mine information and perform statistical and predictive analysis on Big Data sources. In particular, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which solves problems taking inspiration from the way people think and reason.
Statistical analysis describes the phenomenon to be monitored without clarifying its future evolution. It can be seen like a picture, where the present is captured but we cannot figure out the past and the future. Predictive analysis exploits the past and the present to forecast the future. They can be seen like a video, where the past frames suggest the future evolution.
Contact us by compiling the form you find on the website or just email joinus@aivolutionsrl.com. Tell us something more about you, what you love and why you are willing to work with us. We will contact you back soon to arrange a meeting. We love working with motivated persons, who are willing to grow professionally and to teach us something new. We strongly believe that people are a key asset for an enterprise, the way towards innovation and success.