Retain and acquire customers with our AI-driven marketing

Predict customer behavior with Artificial Intelligence and plan Direct Marketing actions to increase the conversion rate (CRO).
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Other companies
  • data scattered across heterogeneous systems
  • no predictive analysis
  • unaffordable costs for SMBs
  • shallow support and customization
  • a Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides an overall view of your customers and aids multichannel marketing actions
  • customer dynamic segmentation and behavior prediction based on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms
  • affordable prices for SMBs and enterprise
  • customization of AI modules according to your business data and goals
  • marketing support in defining AI-driven marketing strategies
  • performance monitoring on AI modules and marketing actions
  • evolution of AI modules and AI-driven marketing strategies to optimize performance in front of changes in customers behavior

AI-driven marketing & CRO

Customer Segmentation

Our Data Science techniques enable dynamic customer segmentation, where customers are grouped into homogeneous clusters according to their interests and behavior

merge your customer data into a single data source tracking all customer interactions with your systems and allowing a detailed dynamic analysis of their behavior
group customers by their purchasing behavior that changes over time due to marketing actions and variable needs

Customer Behavior Prediction

Our AI modules predict your customers behavior well in advance distinguishing churn-risk customers from potential targets of up-selling and cross-selling actions and recommending the right product to each customer at the best time of day through their favorite channel

identify customers unsatisfied with your product and at high churn risk: targeted Customer Retention strategies will prevent them from undermining your brand reputation
identify customers satisfied with your brand and ready for up-selling and cross-selling marketing actions
send push notifications at the right time for each customer promoting products of interest with the most effective content to increase the conversion rate

AI-driven marketing

The dynamic clusters identified by our AI modules are used to define custom AI-driven marketing strategies aimed to retain churn-risk customers, increase sales to loyal customers, acquire new customers and improve brand awareness

identify implicit needs analyzing customer behavior on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)
identify explicit needs tracking customer inquiries on search engines (e.g. Google)
allows targeted advertising by means of personalized emails based on customer behavior
allows targeted marketing actions by sending push notifications according to customer usage of mobile apps

Our results

Revenue increase

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Per-customer sales increase

Churn rate reduction

Customer Lifetime Value increase

Purchase frequency increase

Frequently Asked Questions

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) aggregates and merges all data about your customers in a single data source (data lake), easily used by marketing platforms, CRMs and other IT systems. Data collected into a CDP include purchase history, personal data, behavior, usage of products and services, social network activity and any other information useful to understand how the customer relates to your brand. The storage of customer data in a single data source is the key to plan and execute effective Direct Marketing strategies.

The outcome of marketing campaigns is usually monitored without getting any guidance in defining subsequent campaigns. AIVOLUTION dynamically profiles customers and designs custom AI modules working with both historical data and marketing action feedbacks, providing in advance information guiding the definition of Direct Marketing campaigns. This is AI-driven marketing: a virtuous circle where customer segmentation through AI modules provides information essential to define Direct Marketing campaigns and customer feedbacks to such campaigns improve AI modules performance.

The behavior of a customer some years later is unpredictable, that’s true. However, what if you know in advance that a customer won’t buy next year? Wouldn’t you avoid that, really? A customer who doesn’t buy causes a revenue loss that you can predict well in advance with our Churn Analysis AI module and avoid thanks to our Customer Retention strategies.

No, because it would cost what matters most: the customer.
Customers are different and they know it, each customer wants to receive personalized offers according to their interests. Personalization is the way for customer loyalty. AIVOLUTION creates Customer Retention strategies to prevent customer churn risk, Up-selling and Cross-selling strategies to increase sales on loyal customers, Customer Acquisition strategies to acquire new customers and Brand Awareness strategies to increase brand value and reputation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an onerous and thorny task. Acquiring customers sharing most traits with loyal ones reduces CRM costs and considerably increases its efficiency and effectiveness, because loyal customers are those that mostly affect a company’s revenue. The loyal customers themselves will improve the company’s reputation and support the acquisition of other customers.

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