Act in advance with Artificial Intelligence

AIVOLUTION AI modules predict trends in processes of interest using Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and allow you to act ahead of the market

AI & Machine Learning for SMB and enterprise

Data source integration
We integrate data scattered across your systems (e.g. CRM, Booking engine, Excel files, etc.) into a single database optimized for analysis
GDPR-compliant data processing
We process personal data in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 and anonymize sensitive data concerning you and your customers
Historical analysis
We analyze your data in detail and measure the performance of your business processes
Custom AI modules design
We develop custom AI modules to optimize your processes making use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms
AI modules integration
Our modules can be accessed via API from the systems you use every day, without forcing you to change your habits
Monitoring and support
Our experts continuously monitor AI modules performance and support you to guarantee your business the maximum value

Artificial Intelligence Modules

AIVOLUTION, customized Artificial Intelligence solutions

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