AI algorithm for company-candidate matching

Looking for the right job and, even more, the perfect company is the primary challenge of each candidate. Likewise, companies struggle with finding employees to hire that meet their expectations. HR companies strive to help both companies and job candidates finding the perfect match.

Wonkit has developed an AI algorithm for Reverse Spa, a HR company that supports companies in personnel research and selection.

Reverse’s managers proactively recommend talents to companies, and vice versa, by searching between 1,000+ companies and 10,000+ talents with different expertise, background (e.g. IT, finance, HR, marketing), career goals. Reverse’s goals are (a) increase the talents hired, and (b) reduce research and selection process duration.

Wonkit has analyzed talents’ education, previous jobs, hard skills, soft skills, short-term and long-term career goals, current and expected salary, openness to smart working, distance home-workplace, as well as companies’ industry, revenue, size, headquarters, HR requests.

Wonkit has designed, implemented, trained, tested, and delivered an AI algorithm in 5 months, which allowed Reverse to achieve the following performance in 2019:

  • +21.43% talents hired
  • -16.19% research and selection process duration

Integration architecture

The IT architecture of the solution and its integration with existing Reverse systems is described in this document.