Web platform for critical event monitoring and notification

For international companies managing a large workforce operating throughout the world with frequent abroad trips, it is crucial to track any type of critical event which may constitute an hindrance for personnel. Such events include natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, …), transportation accidents, political disorders and so on.

Wonkit worked together with SMarT, an Italian Web development company, to renovate BeReady, an event monitoring platform used by major corporations. The existing SalesForce-based application has been rewritten from scratch as a stand-alone platform using up-to-date technologies, enabling faster development cycles and maximum flexibility. The application provides support to:

  • write notifications of critical events to be revised by specific supervisors for each territory,
  • automatically receive and process event notifications from external services (e.g. IRIS Web Services for earthquakes data),
  • track travels of each employee,
  • send alerts (e-mails, push notifications, …) for an event to all affected employees.


Backend has been developed in PHP using the Symfony framework. Frontend is based on the Angular framework. The stack runs on Amazon Web Services.

Diagram of BeReady architecture