Work with Us

Work with Us

Are you a curious, ambitious, and detail-oriented person?
Do you want to make the world we live in more sustainable?
Do you believe in teamwork?

People are the most valuable asset of Aivolution

We constantly invest in ambitious individuals who are passionate about technology and dream of applying their knowledge to solve complex problems.

  • Data Engineer

    Develop intelligent solutions based on machine learning, web and cloud technologies.
    You will have the opportunity to collaborate with our founders, work on innovative projects for our clients and contribute to the evolution of our products.

We believe in our AI-Mates

Urge and Objectives

You will work closely with important corporate entities and will have the opportunity to collaborate with influential figures in various market sectors.


The first period will be entirely dedicated to your training on Aivolution’s technologies and operational methods.


We manage work by objectives, so you will be the one to decide when and where to work, managing working hours, holidays, and leaves on your own with complete autonomy.


In our San Marino offices, you will find comfortable desks, coffee, tea, ping-pong, and board games. We believe it is essential to work as a team and ensure a peaceful and relaxed work environment.